Flower Names in French | Noms de fleurs en français

Flowers names have always been a symbol of beauty, elegance, and love. Whether used in celebrations, given as gifts, or displayed in gardens, their vibrant colors and enchanting fragrances captivate people worldwide. In this article, we will explore the enchanting world of flowers by delving into their names in both French and English. Discover the poetic and mellifluous names that add charm to these delicate blooms.

100+ Flower Names in French with Pictures

No.FlowersFlowers Names in FrenchFlowers Names in English
1Aster (अस्टर )-Theflowersnames.comAsterAster
4Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comNom botaniqueBotanical Name
6Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comAbol ChampaaAbol Champaa
8Sunehra-Gulab-TheFlowersnames.comSunehra GulabSunehra Gulab
9Raato-Ki-Rani-TheFlowersnames.comRaato Ki RaniRaato Ki Rani
10Gulmohar-Theflowersnames.comGulmohar Gulmohar
13Krishna-Churaamani-Theflowersnames.comKrishna ChuraamaniKrishna Churaamani
17Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comNom botaniqueBotanical Name
19Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comAbol ChampaaAbol Champaa
24Trumpet-Creeper-Theflowersnames.comPlante grimpante trompetteTrumpet Creeper
26Garland-of-Flowers-TheFlowersnames.comGuirlande de FleursGarland of Flowers
38Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comTournesol Sunflower
39Red-Rose-Theflowersnames.comRose rougeRed Rose
40 Milkweed-Theflowersnames.comAsclépiadeMilkweed
41 Amaryllis-Theflowersnames.comAmaryllisAmaryllis
42 Anemone-Theflowersnames.comAnémoneAnemone
43 Agapanthus-Theflowersnames.comAgapantheAgapanthus
44 Datura-TheflowersnamesDaturaDatura
45 Marigold-Theflowersnames.comSouciMarigold
46 Indian-Jasmine-Thelowersnames.comJasmin indienIndian Jasmine
47 Golden-Champak-Theflowersnames.comChampak d’orGolden Champak
48 Oleander-TheflowersnamesLaurier-roseOleander
49 Safflower-Theflpwersnames.comCarthameSafflower
50 Tulip-Theflowersnames.comTulipeTulip
51 Tia-Flower-Theflowersnames.comFleur de tiaTia Flower
52 Transformer-Lily-Theflowersnames.comTransformateur LilyTransformer Lily
53 Tea-Rose-Theflowersnames.comRose ThéTea Rose
55 Teddy-Bear-Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comOurs en peluche TournesolTeddy Bear Sunflower
56 Tiger-Flower-Theflowersnames.comFleur de tigreTiger Flower
57 Torch-Lily-Theflowersnames.comLis de la torcheTorch Lily
58 Tea-Flower-Theflowersnames.comFleur de théTea Flower
59 Pink-Theflowersnames.comRosePink
60 Petunia-Theflowersnames.comPétuniaPetunia
61 Panchavati-Theflowersnames.comPanchavati Panchavati
62 Flower-Theflowersnames.comFleurFlower
63 Maulsari-Theflowersnames.comMaulsariMaulsari
64 Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comJasmineJasmine
65 Chinese-Fountain-Grass-Theflowersnames.comHerbe de fontaine chinoise Chinese Fountain Grass
66 China-Rose-Theflowersnames.comRose de ChineChina Rose
67 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comLotus sacréSacred Lotus
68 Creeping-Zinnia-Theflowersnames.comZinnia rampantCreeping Zinnia
69 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comLotus sacréSacred Lotus
70 Winter-Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comJasmin d’hiverWinter Jasmine
71 Golden-Trumpet-TheFlowersnames.comTrompette d’orGolden Trumpet
72 Moonlight-Jasmine-theflowersnames.comJasmin clair de luneMoonlight Jasmine
73 Sandalwood-Theflowersnames.comBois de santalSandalwood
74 Frangipani-Theflowersnames.comFrangipanierFrangipani
75 Lemon-Blossom-Theflowersnames.comfleur de citronnier Lemon Blossom
76 Tiger-Lily-Theflowersnames.comLis du tigreTiger Lily
77 Betel-Leaf-Plant-Theflowersnames.comFeuille de bételBetel Leaf Plant
78 Tuberose-theflowersnames.comTubéreuseTuberose
79 holy-basil-Theflowersnames.comBasilic sacréHoly Basil
80 fennel-flower-theflowersnames.comFleur de fenouil Fennel Flower
81 Dahlia-Theflowersnames.comDahliaDahlia
82 Wild-Rose-Theflowersnames.comRose sauvage Wild Rose
83 Cedar-Tree-Theflowersnames.comCèdreCedar Tree
84 Jiniya-Theflowersnames.comJiniyaJiniya
85 Jefiraanthes-Theflowersnames.comJefiraanthesJefiraanthes
86 Jenobiya-Theflowersnames.com JenobiyaJenobiya
87 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-theflowersnames.comJantedeshiyaJantedeshiya
88 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-Theflowersnames.com Jantedeshiya Rehmanee Jantedeshiya Rehmanee
89 Jefar-Lili-Theflowersnames.comJefar LiliJefar Lili
90 Jiniya-Elegans-Theflowersnames.comJiniya ElegansJiniya Elegans
91 Jiniya-Hageana-Theflowersnames.comJiniya HageanaJiniya Hageana
92 Jiniya-Liliput-Theflowersnames.comJiniya LiliputJiniya Liliput
93Jiniya MarylandikaJiniya Marylandika
94 Jiniya-Prophashan-theflowersnames.comJiniya Prophashan Jiniya Prophashan
95 Jiniya-Queen-Red-Lime-Theflowersnames.comJiniya Reine Rouge Citron VertJiniya Queen Red Lime
96 Jiniya-Starbright-Theflowersnames.comJiniya StarbrightJiniya Starbright
97 Jiniya-Thumbelina-Theflowersnames.comJiniya PoucetteJiniya Thumbelina
98 Jiniya-White-Wedding-theflowersnames.comMariage blanc JiniyaJiniya White Wedding
99 Zigzag-Plant-Theflowersnames.comPlante en zigzagZigzag Plant
100 Jiniya-Zahara-Theflowersnames.comJiniya ZaharaJiniya Zahara
101 Jefiraanthes-Grandiflora-Theflowersnames.comJefiraanthes GrandifloraJefiraanthes Grandiflora
102 Jefiraanthes-Candida-Theflowersnames.comJefiraanthes CandidaJefiraanthes Candida
103 Jenobiya-Pulverulent-theflowersnames.comJenobiya PulvérulentJenobiya Pulverulent
104 Coriander-theflowersnames.comCoriandreCoriander
105 Narcissus-theflowersnames.comNarcisseNarcissus
106 Neelkamal-theflowersnames.comNeelkamalNeelkamal
100+ Flowers Names in French

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More Details About Flowers Names in French

Rose (Rose)

The rose, known as “rose” in both French and English, is undoubtedly the queen of flowers. Symbolizing love and passion, its velvety petals and captivating scent have inspired poets and romantics throughout history. From classic red roses to vibrant yellow and delicate pink varieties, roses transcend language barriers in expressing affection.


Tulip (Tulipe)

Tulips, with their vibrant hues and elegant shapes, bring joy to any garden or bouquet. In French, they are called “tulipe.” These spring-blooming beauties symbolize perfect love and are known for their stunning array of colors. From brilliant reds to delicate pastels, tulips add a touch of elegance and grace to any floral arrangement.


Sunflower (Tournesol)

The sunflower, or “tournesol” in French, is a majestic flower that follows the sun as it moves across the sky. Its bright yellow petals and towering height make it a symbol of vitality and loyalty. Sunflowers also produce seeds that are both nutritious and delicious, making them a favorite among gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts.


Lily (Lys)

Lilies, known as “lys” in French, are revered for their elegance and grace. With their trumpet-shaped blooms and intoxicating fragrance, lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth. From the regal white Easter lily to the vibrant orange tiger lily, these flowers bring a touch of sophistication to any occasion.


Orchid (Orchidée)

The orchid, or “orchidée” in French, is synonymous with beauty, luxury, and exoticism. Known for their intricate and stunningly diverse blooms, orchids come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. With their elegant allure and delicate charm, orchids create an aura of elegance and mystique in any setting.


Daisy (Marguerite)

Daisies, or “marguerites” in French, are beloved for their simplicity and natural charm. These cheerful flowers symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings. With their white petals and sunny yellow centers, daisies are a delightful addition to gardens, meadows, and floral arrangements, invoking a sense of joy and freshness.


Lavender (Lavande)

Lavender, or “lavande” in French, is known for its soothing fragrance and beautiful purple blooms. This aromatic herb is widely used in perfumes, soaps, and culinary delights. Lavender’s calming properties make it a popular choice for aromatherapy and relaxation, while its vibrant color adds a touch of serenity to any garden.


Iris (Iris)

The iris, known as “iris” in both French and English, is a majestic flower with intricate petals and a distinct shape. Symbolizing faith, wisdom, and valor, irises are available in a wide range of colors, including purple, blue, yellow, and white. These enchanting flowers make a statement in any garden or floral arrangement.



Flowers have a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. Whether you call them by their English or French names, their beauty and significance remain timeless. From roses to irises, each flower carries its.

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