Flower Names in Nepali | नेपालीमा फूलका नामहरू

Nepal, the land of majestic mountains, vibrant culture, and rich biodiversity, is also home to a diverse array of beautiful flowers names. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the lush valleys and plains, Nepal’s flora showcases a stunning variety of colors and fragrances. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of flowers and discover their names in the Nepali language.

100+ Flower Names in Nepali and English

No.FlowersFlowers Names in NepaliFlowers Names in English
1Aster (अस्टर )-Theflowersnames.comएस्टरAster
4Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comवनस्पति नामBotanical Name
6Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comअबोल चम्पाAbol Champaa
8Sunehra-Gulab-TheFlowersnames.comसुनहरा गुलाबSunehra Gulab
9Raato-Ki-Rani-TheFlowersnames.comरातो की रानीRaato Ki Rani
10Gulmohar-Theflowersnames.comगुलमोहर Gulmohar
13Krishna-Churaamani-Theflowersnames.comकृष्ण चुरामनीKrishna Churaamani
17Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comवनस्पति नामBotanical Name
19Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comअबोल चम्पाAbol Champaa
24Trumpet-Creeper-Theflowersnames.comट्रम्पेट क्रीपरTrumpet Creeper
26Garland-of-Flowers-TheFlowersnames.comफूलको मालाGarland of Flowers
38Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comसूर्यमुखी Sunflower
39Red-Rose-Theflowersnames.comरातो गुलाबRed Rose
40 Milkweed-Theflowersnames.comमिल्कवीडMilkweed
41 Amaryllis-Theflowersnames.comअमरिलिसAmaryllis
42 Anemone-Theflowersnames.comएनिमोनAnemone
43 Agapanthus-Theflowersnames.comअगस्तम Agapanthus
44 Datura-TheflowersnamesदातुराDatura
45 Marigold-Theflowersnames.comमैरीगोल्ड Marigold
46 Indian-Jasmine-Thelowersnames.comभारतीय जैस्मीनIndian Jasmine
47 Golden-Champak-Theflowersnames.comस्वर्ण चम्पकGolden Champak
48 Oleander-Theflowersnamesओलेन्डरOleander
49 Safflower-Theflpwersnames.comकुसुमSafflower
50 Tulip-Theflowersnames.comट्युलिपTulip
51 Tia-Flower-Theflowersnames.comटिया फूलTia Flower
52 Transformer-Lily-Theflowersnames.comट्रान्सफर्मर लिलीTransformer Lily
53 Tea-Rose-Theflowersnames.comचिया गुलाबTea Rose
54Target-Theflowersnames.comलक्ष्य Target
55 Teddy-Bear-Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comटेडी बियर सूर्यमुखीTeddy Bear Sunflower
56 Tiger-Flower-Theflowersnames.comटाइगर फ्लावरTiger Flower
57 Torch-Lily-Theflowersnames.comटर्च लिलीTorch Lily
58 Tea-Flower-Theflowersnames.comचिया फूलTea Flower
59 Pink-Theflowersnames.comगुलाबी Pink
60 Petunia-Theflowersnames.comपेटुनियाPetunia
61 Panchavati-Theflowersnames.comपञ्चवटीPanchavati
62 Flower-Theflowersnames.comफूलFlower
63 Maulsari-Theflowersnames.comमौलसरीMaulsari
64 Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comचमेलीJasmine
65 Chinese-Fountain-Grass-Theflowersnames.comचिनियाँ फाउन्टेन घाँस Chinese Fountain Grass
66 China-Rose-Theflowersnames.comचीन गुलाबChina Rose
67 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comपवित्र कमलSacred Lotus
68 Creeping-Zinnia-Theflowersnames.comक्रिपिङ जिनियाCreeping Zinnia
69 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comपवित्र कमलSacred Lotus
70 Winter-Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comजाडो जैस्मीनWinter Jasmine
71 Golden-Trumpet-TheFlowersnames.com
गोल्डेन ट्रम्पेट
Golden Trumpet
72 Moonlight-Jasmine-theflowersnames.comचन्द्रमा चमेलीMoonlight Jasmine
73 Sandalwood-Theflowersnames.comचन्दनSandalwood
74 Frangipani-Theflowersnames.comफ्राङ्गिपानीFrangipani
75 Lemon-Blossom-Theflowersnames.comकागती फूल Lemon Blossom
76 Tiger-Lily-Theflowersnames.comटाइगर लिलीTiger Lily
77 Betel-Leaf-Plant-Theflowersnames.comसुपारीको बिरुवाBetel Leaf Plant
78 Tuberose-theflowersnames.comट्युबेरोजTuberose
79 holy-basil-Theflowersnames.comपवित्र तुलसी Holy Basil
80 fennel-flower-theflowersnames.comफनेल फूलFennel Flower
81 Dahlia-Theflowersnames.comडाहलियाDahlia
82 Wild-Rose-Theflowersnames.comजंगली गुलाब Wild Rose
83 Cedar-Tree-Theflowersnames.comदेवदारको रूखCedar Tree
84 Jiniya-Theflowersnames.comजिनियाJiniya
85 Jefiraanthes-Theflowersnames.comजेफिरान्थेसJefiraanthes
86 Jenobiya-Theflowersnames.com जेनोबियाJenobiya
87 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-theflowersnames.comजन्तेदेशियाJantedeshiya
88 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-Theflowersnames.comजन्तेदेशिया रहमानीJantedeshiya Rehmanee
89 Jefar-Lili-Theflowersnames.comजेफर लिलीJefar Lili
90 Jiniya-Elegans-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया एलिगेन्सJiniya Elegans
91 Jiniya-Hageana-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया हागेनाJiniya Hageana
92 Jiniya-Liliput-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया लिलिपुटJiniya Liliput
93जिनिया मेरील्याण्डिकाJiniya Marylandika
94 Jiniya-Prophashan-theflowersnames.comजिनिया प्रोफाशनJiniya Prophashan
95 Jiniya-Queen-Red-Lime-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया रानी रेड लाइमJiniya Queen Red Lime
96 Jiniya-Starbright-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया स्टारब्राइटJiniya Starbright
97 Jiniya-Thumbelina-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया थम्बेलिनाJiniya Thumbelina
98 Jiniya-White-Wedding-theflowersnames.comजिनिया सेतो विवाहJiniya White Wedding
99 Zigzag-Plant-Theflowersnames.comजिग्ज्याग प्लान्टZigzag Plant
100 Jiniya-Zahara-Theflowersnames.comजिनिया जहाराJiniya Zahara
101 Jefiraanthes-Grandiflora-Theflowersnames.com जेफिरान्थेस ग्रान्डिफलोराJefiraanthes Grandiflora
102 Jefiraanthes-Candida-Theflowersnames.comजेफिरान्थेस क्यान्डिडाJefiraanthes Candida
103 Jenobiya-Pulverulent-theflowersnames.comजेनोबिया पल्भरुलेन्टJenobiya Pulverulent
104 Coriander-theflowersnames.comधनियाCoriander
105 Narcissus-theflowersnames.com
106 Neelkamal-theflowersnames.comनीलकमलNeelkamal
100+ Flowers Names in Nepali

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More About Flower Names in Nepali

Rhododendron (लालीगुराँस)

The national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron, is a symbol of purity and beauty. These vibrant flowers can be found in various shades of red, pink, and white. Rhododendrons are often associated with the high-altitude regions of Nepal, and their blooming season in the springtime paints the hillsides with a riot of colors.


Marigold (गेँडा)

Known for their bright yellow and orange hues, marigolds hold great cultural and religious significance in Nepal. They are commonly used during festivals, weddings, and religious ceremonies as decorative elements and offerings to deities. Marigolds are also believed to have medicinal properties and are used in traditional remedies.


Lotus (कमल)

The lotus flower, with its serene beauty and spiritual symbolism, is revered in many cultures around the world, including Nepal. In Nepali, it is known as “kamal.” The lotus is associated with purity, enlightenment, and divine beauty. It often appears in religious iconography, especially in representations of deities and spiritual figures.


Jasmine (चमेली)

Jasmine, or “chameli” in Nepali, is a delicate and fragrant flower known for its sweet scent. It is widely used for making garlands, perfumes, and essential oils. In Nepal, jasmine flowers hold cultural significance and are used in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and grace to any occasion.


Poinsettia (रातो तारुल)

Poinsettias, known as “rato tarul” in Nepali, are vibrant red flowers that are closely associated with the festive season. They are often used as decorative elements during Christmas and other winter celebrations. Poinsettias are believed to bring good luck and prosperity, making them a popular choice for adorning homes and public spaces during the holiday season.


Datura (धतूरा)

Datura, or “dhaturo” in Nepali, is a unique and striking flower with a trumpet-like shape. Despite its beauty, datura is known for its toxicity and is used primarily for ornamental purposes rather than consumption. In some traditional practices, datura is believed to have medicinal properties, although caution should be exercised due to its poisonous nature.


Sunflower (सूर्यमुखी)

Known for their bright yellow petals and impressive height, sunflowers are loved for their cheerful and radiant appearance. In Nepali, they are called “suryamukhi” or “surya kamal.” Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Their large, showy blooms follow the sun’s movement, creating a mesmerizing sight in fields and gardens.


Orchid (ओर्किड)

Orchids, or “orkid” in Nepali, are renowned for their exquisite beauty and diverse range of colors and shapes. These delicate flowers are highly prized for their rarity and elegance. In Nepal, orchids can be found in various regions, including the mountainous areas. They are often associated with grace, luxury.

Orchid (

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