Flowers Names in Bengali | বাংলায় ফুলের নাম

Nature’s vibrant palette comes alive in the enchanting world of flowers, and Bengali, a rich and poetic language, captures the essence of these blossoms through its melodic and expressive vocabulary. In this article, we will take a delightful journey through the garden of Bengali flower name, uncovering their meanings and significance along the way.

List of 100+ Flowers Names in Bengali with Images

No.FlowersFlowers Names in BengaliFlowers Names in English
1Aster (अस्टर )-Theflowersnames.comঅ্যাস্টারAster
4Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comবোটানিক্যাল নামBotanical Name
6Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comআবোল চম্পাAbol Champaa
8Sunehra-Gulab-TheFlowersnames.comসুনেহরা গুলাবSunehra Gulab
9Raato-Ki-Rani-TheFlowersnames.comরাততো কি রানীRaato Ki Rani
13Krishna-Churaamani-Theflowersnames.comকৃষ্ণ চুড়ামণি Krishna Churaamani
17Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comবোটানিক্যাল নামBotanical Name
19Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comআবোল চম্পাAbol Champaa
24Trumpet-Creeper-Theflowersnames.comট্রাম্পেট লতাTrumpet Creeper
26Garland-of-Flowers-TheFlowersnames.comফুলের মালাGarland of Flowers
38Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comসূর্যমুখী Sunflower
39Red-Rose-Theflowersnames.comলাল গোলাপRed Rose
40 Milkweed-Theflowersnames.comমিল্কউইডMilkweed
41 Amaryllis-Theflowersnames.comঅ্যামেরিলিসAmaryllis
42 Anemone-Theflowersnames.comঅ্যানিমোনAnemone
43 Agapanthus-Theflowersnames.comআগাপান্থাসAgapanthus
44 Datura-TheflowersnamesদাতুরাDatura
45 Marigold-Theflowersnames.comগাঁদাMarigold
46 Indian-Jasmine-Thelowersnames.comভারতীয় জেসমিনIndian Jasmine
সোনালি চম্পক
Golden Champak
48 Oleander-Theflowersnamesওলেন্ডারOleander
49 Safflower-Theflpwersnames.comকুসুমSafflower
50 Tulip-Theflowersnames.comটিউলিপTulip
51 Tia-Flower-Theflowersnames.comটিয়া ফুলTia Flower
52 Transformer-Lily-Theflowersnames.comট্রান্সফরমার লিলিTransformer Lily
53 Tea-Rose-Theflowersnames.comচা গোলাপTea Rose
55 Teddy-Bear-Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comটেডি বিয়ার সূর্যমুখীTeddy Bear Sunflower
56 Tiger-Flower-Theflowersnames.comটাইগার ফ্লাওয়ারTiger Flower
57 Torch-Lily-Theflowersnames.comটর্চ লিলিTorch Lily
58 Tea-Flower-Theflowersnames.comচা ফুলTea Flower
59 Pink-Theflowersnames.comগোলাপীPink
60 Petunia-Theflowersnames.comপেটুনিয়াPetunia
61 Panchavati-Theflowersnames.comপঞ্চবটিPanchavati
63 Maulsari-Theflowersnames.comমৌলসারীMaulsari
64 Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comজুঁইJasmine
65 Chinese-Fountain-Grass-Theflowersnames.comচাইনিজ ফাউন্টেন ঘাস Chinese Fountain Grass
66 China-Rose-Theflowersnames.comচায়না রোজChina Rose
67 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comপবিত্র পদ্মSacred Lotus
ক্রিপিং জিনিয়া
Creeping Zinnia
69 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comপবিত্র পদ্মSacred Lotus
70 Winter-Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comশীতকালীন জুঁইWinter Jasmine
71 Golden-Trumpet-TheFlowersnames.comগোল্ডেন ট্রাম্পেটGolden Trumpet
72 Moonlight-Jasmine-theflowersnames.comচাঁদনী জেসমিনMoonlight Jasmine
73 Sandalwood-Theflowersnames.comচন্দনSandalwood
74 Frangipani-Theflowersnames.comফ্রাঙ্গিপানিFrangipani
75 Lemon-Blossom-Theflowersnames.comলেবু ব্লসম Lemon Blossom
76 Tiger-Lily-Theflowersnames.comবাঘ কমলTiger Lily
77 Betel-Leaf-Plant-Theflowersnames.comপানের চারাBetel Leaf Plant
78 Tuberose-theflowersnames.comযক্ষ্মাTuberose
79 holy-basil-Theflowersnames.comপবিত্র পুদিনাHoly Basil
80 fennel-flower-theflowersnames.comমৌরি ফুলFennel Flower
81 Dahlia-Theflowersnames.comডালিয়া Dahlia
82 Wild-Rose-Theflowersnames.comবাগানের গোলাপ Wild Rose
83 Cedar-Tree-Theflowersnames.comসিডার গাছCedar Tree
84 Jiniya-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়াJiniya
85 Jefiraanthes-Theflowersnames.comজেফিরান্থেসJefiraanthes
86 Jenobiya-Theflowersnames.comজেনোবিয়াJenobiya
87 জান্তেদেশিয়াJantedeshiya
88 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-Theflowersnames.comজান্তেশিয়া রেহমানীJantedeshiya Rehmanee
89 Jefar-Lili-Theflowersnames.comজেফার লিলিJefar Lili
90 Jiniya-Elegans-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া এলিগানসJiniya Elegans
91 Jiniya-Hageana-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া হাগেনাJiniya Hageana
92 Jiniya-Liliput-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া লিলিপুটJiniya Liliput
93জিনিয়া মেরিল্যান্ডিকাJiniya Marylandika
94 জিনিয়া প্রফেশনJiniya Prophashan
95 Jiniya-Queen-Red-Lime-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া রানী লাল চুনJiniya Queen Red Lime
96 Jiniya-Starbright-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া স্টারব্রাইটJiniya Starbright
97 Jiniya-Thumbelina-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া থামবেলিনাJiniya Thumbelina
98 Jiniya-White-Wedding-theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া সাদা বিয়েJiniya White Wedding
99 Zigzag-Plant-Theflowersnames.comজিগজ্যাগ প্ল্যান্টZigzag Plant
100 Jiniya-Zahara-Theflowersnames.comজিনিয়া জাহারাJiniya Zahara
101 Jefiraanthes-Grandiflora-Theflowersnames.comজেফিরান্থেস গ্র্যান্ডিফ্লোরাJefiraanthes Grandiflora
102 Jefiraanthes-Candida-Theflowersnames.comজেফিরান্থেস ক্যান্ডিডাJefiraanthes Candida
103 Jenobiya-Pulverulent-theflowersnames.comজেনোবিয়া পালভারুলেন্টJenobiya Pulverulent
104 Coriander-theflowersnames.comধনেCoriander
105 Narcissus-theflowersnames.comনার্সিসাসNarcissus
106 Neelkamal-theflowersnames.comনীলকমলNeelkamal
100+ Flowers Names in Bengali

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More About Flower Names in Bengali

Shapla (শাপলা)

The national flower of Bangladesh, the water lily, is known as “shapla” in Bengali. Symbolizing purity and serenity, the shapla is revered for its pristine white petals and floating beauty. It holds a special place in Bengali culture and is often associated with the monsoon season, evoking a sense of tranquility amidst the rain-soaked landscape.

Rajanigandha (রজনীগন্ধা)

The fragrant tuberose, known as “rajanigandha” in Bengali, is a flower of elegance and allure. Its delicate white blossoms emit a captivating scent that is widely cherished. Rajanigandha is often used in religious ceremonies, bridal adornments, and perfumes, exuding a sense of purity and charm.

Palash (পলাশ)

The vibrant flame of the forest, also known as the Butea monosperma, is called “palash” in Bengali. Its striking orange-red flowers symbolize the arrival of spring and are associated with celebration and rejuvenation. Palash is a beloved flower that adorns the landscape during the festival of Holi, spreading joy and color.

Shefali (শেফালী)

The fragrant night-blooming jasmine, known as “shefali” in Bengali, enchants the senses with its intoxicating aroma. This delicate flower is often associated with romance and is a popular choice for adorning hair and making garlands. Shefali holds a special place in Bengali poetry and is often used as a metaphor for love and beauty.

Kamini (কামিনী)

The Murraya paniculata, commonly known as orange jasmine or satinwood, is called “kamini” in Bengali. With its small, white, star-shaped flowers and sweet fragrance, kamini embodies grace and elegance. It is often used in religious rituals and also serves as an ornamental plant in gardens, adding a touch of serenity.

Radhachura (রাধাচূড়া)

Known as the Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant tree, the Radhachura tree boasts stunning clusters of red or orange flowers. In Bengali, it is named “radhachura,” symbolizing beauty and grandeur. The tree’s vivid blossoms are reminiscent of the fire of passion and are often associated with joyous occasions.

Kath Golap (কাঠ গোলাপ)

The fragrant white flowers of the tuberose, also known as “kath golap” in Bengali, are valued for their intoxicating scent and delicate beauty. These flowers find their way into garlands, perfumes, and traditional ceremonies, where their presence brings a sense of purity and auspiciousness.

Shimul (শিমুল)

The vibrant red flowers of the silk cotton tree, scientifically known as Bombax ceiba, are called “shimul” in Bengali. These flamboyant flowers bloom during spring and are celebrated.

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