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Let,s learn flowers names in Malyalam, English and hindi. Flowers are a source of beauty and joy, and they hold a significant place in Indian culture. In Kerala, a state in southern India, flowers have a special significance and are used in many rituals and customs. The Malayalam language, which is spoken by the people of Kerala, has many beautiful and unique names for flowers. In this article, we will explore some of the popular flowers and their Malayalam names.

40+ Flower Names in Malyalam, English and Hindi with Images

No.FlowersFlowers Names in MalyalamFlowers Names in English
1.Tulasi-Theflowersnames.comതുളസി Tulasi
2. Chempuratti-Theflowersnames.comചെമ്പരണ്ടി Chempuratti
3. Chembaakam-Theflowersnames.comചെമ്പകം Chembaakam
4. Saamanti-Theflowersnames.comസാമന്തി Saamanti
5. Naagapoo-Theflowersnames.comനാഗപൂ Naagapoo
6. Pachakkaya-Theflowersnames.comപച്ചക്കായ Pachakkaya
7. Aaryapoo-Theflowersnames.comആര്യപ Aaryapoo
8. Mallika-Theflowersnames.comമല്ലിക Mallika
9. Thaamar-Theflowersnames.comതാമര Thaamar
10. Malli-Theflowersnames.comമല്ലി Malli
11. Jaathikka-theflowersnames.comജാതിക്ക Jaathikka
12. Pachappu-theflowersnames.comപച്ചപ്പൂ Pachappu
13. Chenthol-theflowersnames.comചെന്തൽ Chenthol
14. Poovaazh-theflowersnames.comപൂവാഴി Poovaazh
15. Panchapushpam-theflowersnames.comപഞ്ചപുഷ്പംPanchapushpam
16. Poovamalli-theflowersnames.comപൂവമല്ലി Poovamalli
17. Theenpaal-theflowersnames.comതേൻപാല Theenpaal
18. Poovili-theflowersnames.comപൂവിലി Poovili
19. Manjaavalli-theflowersnames.comമഞ്ഞാവള്ളി Manjaavalli
20. Jaathi-theflowersnames.comജാതി Jaathi
21. Chedikal-theflowersnames.comചെടികൾ Chedikal
22. Mulla-theflowersnames.comമുല്ല Mulla
23. Naani-theflowersnames.comനാണി Naani
24. Neelimangal-theflowersnames.comനീലിമഞ്ഞൾ Neelimangal
25. Chevipoo-theflowersnames.comചെവിപ്പൂ Chevipoo
26. Paalashamkozhi-theflowersnames.comപാലാശംകൊഴിPaalashamkozhi
27. Thempu-theflowersnames.comതേമ്പി Thempu
28. Kakkacha-theflowersnames.comകാക്കാച്ചാ Kakkacha
29.Paadukal-theflowersnames.comപാടുകൾ Paadukal
30. Manikkaanti-theflowersnames.comമണിക്കാന്തിManikkaanti
31. Vaasanthy-theflowersnames.comവാസന്തി Vaasanthy
32. Karimurikkil-theflowersnames.comകരിമുരിക്കില Karimurikkil
33. Kunjuvalli-theflowersnames.comകുഞ്ഞുവള്ളി Kunjuvalli
34. Pingupoo-theflowersnames.comപിങ്ങുപ്പൂ Pingupoo
35. Kanakambari-theflowersnames.comകനകംബരി Kanakambari
36. Thaalipoo-theflowersnames.comതാലീപ്പൂ Thaalipoo
37. Chediyaarunnu-theflowersnames.comചെടിയാരുന്നു Chediyaarunnu
38. Pazhappuvaanakunnu-theflowersnames.comപഴപ്പൂവിനാകുന്നു Pazhappuvaanakunnu
39. Pintukkal-theflowersnames.comപിന്തുക്കൽ Pintukkal
40. Chemban-theflowersnames.comചെമ്പൻ Chemban
Flowers Names in Malayalam and English

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More Flower Names in Malayalam and Hindi

Rose – Gulab

Rose is a symbol of love and beauty, and it is one of the most popular flowers in the world. In Malayalam, the rose is known as “Gulab.” It is used in many religious ceremonies, as well as in decoration and gifting.

Lotus – Thamara

The lotus flower is one of the most significant symbols in Indian culture. In Malayalam, it is known as “Thamara.” The lotus is considered a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. It is often used in religious rituals, and its petals are used to make garlands and other decorative items.

Jasmine – Malli

Jasmine is a fragrant flower that is popular for its sweet scent. In Malayalam, it is known as “Malli.” The jasmine flower is commonly used in garlands, hair decorations, and perfumes. It is also considered a symbol of love and beauty.

Hibiscus – Chembarathi

Hibiscus is a beautiful flower that comes in various colors. In Malayalam, it is known as “Chembarathi.” The hibiscus flower is often used in hair decorations and garlands. It is also considered a symbol of love and beauty.

Marigold – Chethi

Marigold is a bright and colorful flower that is often used in festivals and decorations. In Malayalam, it is known as “Chethi.” The marigold flower is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It is also used in religious ceremonies, as well as in garlands and decorations.

Sunflower – Sooryakanti

The sunflower is a large and vibrant flower that is commonly associated with the sun. In Malayalam, it is known as “Sooryakanti.” The sunflower is often used in decorations and is considered a symbol of happiness and positivity.

Carnation – Chethi

Carnation is a beautiful and fragrant flower that comes in many colors. In Malayalam, it is known as “Chethi.” The carnation flower is often used in bouquets, decorations, and as a gift. It is considered a symbol of love and admiration.

Orchid – Manorama

Orchids are exotic and beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors and shapes. In Malayalam, the orchid is known as “Manorama.” Orchids are often used in decorations and as a gift. They are considered a symbol of beauty and luxury.


In conclusion, flowers play an important role in Malayalam culture and traditions. The language has many unique and beautiful names for flowers, each with its own significance and symbolism. Whether used in religious ceremonies, decorations, or as a gift, flowers continue to bring joy and beauty to the people of Kerala.


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