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A List of 100+ Flowers Names in Telugu and English

Flowers Names in Telugu and English | తెలుగులో పువ్వుల పేర్లు

Here we are gonna learn about the Flower Names in Telugu as it is A Rich and Colorful Vocabulary Telugu, a Dravidian language spoken primarily in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, has a rich and colorful vocabulary for describing different types of flowers. From the iconic jasmine to the delicate lotus, Telugu has a unique name for each flower that captures its essence and beauty. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular flower names in Telugu.

List of 100+ Flowers Names in Telugu and English With Pictures

No.FlowersFlowers Names in TeluguFlowers Names in English
1Aster (अस्टर )-Theflowersnames.comఆస్టర్Aster
4Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comబొటానికల్ పేరుBotanical Name
అబోల్ చంపా
Abol Champaa
8Sunehra-Gulab-TheFlowersnames.comసునహరా గులాబ్Sunehra Gulab
9Raato-Ki-Rani-TheFlowersnames.comరాతో కి రాణిRaato Ki Rani
13Krishna-Churaamani-Theflowersnames.comకృష్ణ చురామణిKrishna Churaamani
17Botanical-Name-Theflowersnames.comబొటానికల్ పేరుBotanical Name
19Abol-Champaa-Theflowersnames.comఅబోల్ చంపాAbol Champaa
24Trumpet-Creeper-Theflowersnames.comట్రంపెట్ క్రీపర్Trumpet Creeper
26Garland-of-Flowers-TheFlowersnames.comపూల దండGarland of Flowers
38Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comపొద్దుతిరుగుడు పువ్వు Sunflower
39Red-Rose-Theflowersnames.comఎర్ర గులాబీRed Rose
40 Milkweed-Theflowersnames.comమిల్క్వీడ్Milkweed
41 Amaryllis-Theflowersnames.comఅమరిల్లిస్Amaryllis
42 Anemone-Theflowersnames.comఎనిమోన్ Anemone
43 Agapanthus-Theflowersnames.comఅగాపంథస్Agapanthus
44 Datura-TheflowersnamesడాతురాDatura
45 Marigold-Theflowersnames.comబంతి పువ్వుMarigold
46 Indian-Jasmine-Thelowersnames.comభారతీయ జాస్మిన్Indian Jasmine
47 Golden-Champak-Theflowersnames.comగోల్డెన్ చంపక్Golden Champak
48 Oleander-Theflowersnamesఒలీండర్Oleander
49 Safflower-Theflpwersnames.comకుసుమ పువ్వుSafflower
50 Tulip-Theflowersnames.comతులిప్Tulip
51 Tia-Flower-Theflowersnames.comటియా ఫ్లవర్Tia Flower
52 Transformer-Lily-Theflowersnames.comట్రాన్స్ఫార్మర్ లిల్లీTransformer Lily
53 Tea-Rose-Theflowersnames.comటీ రోజ్Tea Rose
55 Teddy-Bear-Sunflower-Theflowersnames.comటెడ్డీ బేర్ సన్‌ఫ్లవర్Teddy Bear Sunflower
56 Tiger-Flower-Theflowersnames.comటైగర్ ఫ్లవర్Tiger Flower
57 Torch-Lily-Theflowersnames.comటార్చ్ లిల్లీTorch Lily
58 Tea-Flower-Theflowersnames.comటీ ఫ్లవర్Tea Flower
59 Pink-Theflowersnames.comపింక్Pink
60 Petunia-Theflowersnames.comపెటునియాPetunia
61 Panchavati-Theflowersnames.com
62 Flower-Theflowersnames.comపువ్వుFlower
63 Maulsari-Theflowersnames.comమౌల్సారిMaulsari
64 Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comజాస్మిన్Jasmine
65 Chinese-Fountain-Grass-Theflowersnames.comచైనీస్ ఫౌంటెన్ గడ్డి Chinese Fountain Grass
66 China-Rose-Theflowersnames.comచైనా రోజ్China Rose
67 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comపవిత్ర లోటస్Sacred Lotus
68 Creeping-Zinnia-Theflowersnames.comక్రీపింగ్ జిన్నియాCreeping Zinnia
69 Sacred-Lotus-Theflowersnames.comపవిత్ర లోటస్Sacred Lotus
70 Winter-Jasmine-Theflowersnames.comవింటర్ జాస్మిన్Winter Jasmine
71 Golden-Trumpet-TheFlowersnames.comగోల్డెన్ ట్రంపెట్Golden Trumpet
72 Moonlight-Jasmine-theflowersnames.comవెన్నెల జాస్మిన్ Moonlight Jasmine
73 Sandalwood-Theflowersnames.comచందనంSandalwood
74 Frangipani-Theflowersnames.comఫ్రాంగిపానిFrangipani
75 Lemon-Blossom-Theflowersnames.comనిమ్మకాయ బ్లోసమ్ Lemon Blossom
76 Tiger-Lily-Theflowersnames.comటైగర్ లిల్లీTiger Lily
77 Betel-Leaf-Plant-Theflowersnames.comతమలపాకు మొక్కBetel Leaf Plant
78 Tuberose-theflowersnames.comట్యూబెరోస్Tuberose
79 holy-basil-Theflowersnames.comపవిత్ర తులసిHoly Basil
80 fennel-flower-theflowersnames.comఫెన్నెల్ ఫ్లవర్Fennel Flower
81 Dahlia-Theflowersnames.comడాలియాDahlia
82 Wild-Rose-Theflowersnames.comఅడవి గులాబీ Wild Rose
83 Cedar-Tree-Theflowersnames.comదేవదారు చెట్టుCedar Tree
84 Jiniya-Theflowersnames.comజినియాJiniya
85 Jefiraanthes-Theflowersnames.comజెఫిరాంథెస్Jefiraanthes
86 Jenobiya-Theflowersnames.com జెనోబియాJenobiya
87 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-theflowersnames.comజంతేదేశీయJantedeshiya
88 Jantedeshiya-Rehmanee-Theflowersnames.com జాంటెదేశీయ రెహ్మానీJantedeshiya Rehmanee
89 Jefar-Lili-Theflowersnames.com జెఫర్ లిలిJefar Lili
90 Jiniya-Elegans-Theflowersnames.comజినియా ఎలిగాన్స్Jiniya Elegans
91 Jiniya-Hageana-Theflowersnames.comజినియా హగేనాJiniya Hageana
92 Jiniya-Liliput-Theflowersnames.comజినియా లిలిపుట్Jiniya Liliput
93 Jiniya-Marylandika-theflowersnames.comజినియా మేరీలాండికాJiniya Marylandika
94 Jiniya-Prophashan-theflowersnames.com జినియా ప్రొఫాషన్Jiniya Prophashan
95 Jiniya-Queen-Red-Lime-Theflowersnames.comజినియా క్వీన్ రెడ్ లైమ్Jiniya Queen Red Lime
96 Jiniya-Starbright-Theflowersnames.comజినియా స్టార్‌బ్రైట్Jiniya Starbright
97 Jiniya-Thumbelina-Theflowersnames.comజోనియా తుంబాలినాJiniya Thumbelina
98 Jiniya-White-Wedding-theflowersnames.comజినియా వైట్ వెడ్డింగ్Jiniya White Wedding
99 Zigzag-Plant-Theflowersnames.comజిగ్జాగ్ ప్లాంట్Zigzag Plant
100 Jiniya-Zahara-Theflowersnames.comజినియా జహారాJiniya Zahara
101 Jefiraanthes-Grandiflora-Theflowersnames.comజెఫిరాంథెస్ గ్రాండిఫ్లోరాJefiraanthes Grandiflora
102 Jefiraanthes-Candida-Theflowersnames.comజెఫిరాంథెస్ కాండిడాJefiraanthes Candida
103 Jenobiya-Pulverulent-theflowersnames.comజెనోబియా పుల్వెరులెంట్Jenobiya Pulverulent
104 Coriander-theflowersnames.comకొత్తిమీరCoriander
105 Narcissus-theflowersnames.comనార్సిసస్Narcissus
106 Neelkamal-theflowersnames.comనీల్కమల్Neelkamal
100+ Flowers Names Telugu and English

Flower Names in Telugu PDF

From here you can get the flowers names in Telugu. Get it here:

Jaaji (జాజి): Jasmine

The jasmine flower, with its delicate white petals and sweet fragrance, is a symbol of purity and love. In Telugu, it is known as Jaaji. The jasmine plant is widely cultivated in South India, and the flowers are used for making garlands, perfumes, and oils.

Kamalam (కమలం): Lotus

The lotus flower, with its elegant petals and serene beauty, is a symbol of enlightenment and purity in Indian culture. In Telugu, it is known as Kamalam. The lotus is revered in Hindu mythology and is often used as a decorative motif in temples and other religious structures.

Mallika (మల్లిక): Jasmine

Another name for the jasmine flower in Telugu is Mallika. This name is derived from the Sanskrit word “mala,” which means garland. The jasmine flower is often used to make garlands for religious and cultural events in India.

Chamanthi (చామంతి): Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum flower, with its vibrant colors and intricate petals, is a symbol of longevity and happiness in many cultures. In Telugu, it is known as Chamanthi. Chrysanthemums are commonly grown in India as ornamental plants and are used in flower arrangements for weddings and other celebrations.

Nandivardhanam (నందివర్ధనం): Marigold

The marigold flower, with its bright yellow and orange colors, is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Indian culture. In Telugu, it is known as Nandivardhanam. Marigolds are commonly used in festivals and religious ceremonies as decorations and offerings.

Tangedu (తంగేడు): Borage

The borage flower, with its blue and purple petals, is known for its medicinal properties and is commonly used in herbal teas and remedies. In Telugu, it is known as Tangedu. The plant is also used in cooking as a flavoring and garnish.

Mandaram (మందారం): Hibiscus

The hibiscus flower, with its vibrant colors and trumpet-like shape, is a symbol of beauty and femininity in many cultures. In Telugu, it is known as Mandaram. The plant is commonly grown in India and is used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments.

Parijatham (పారిజాతం): Night-flowering Jasmine

The night-flowering jasmine, with its small white flowers and sweet fragrance, is a symbol of love and devotion in Indian culture. In Telugu, it is known as Parijatham. The plant is believed to have originated in South India and is often used in traditional medicine to treat skin conditions and other ailments.


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In conclusion, Telugu has a rich and diverse vocabulary for describing different types of flowers.

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